Thursday, February 16, 2012

Unmotivated Became Overweight...

before you begin reading, i would like to take a moment to acknowledge just how difficult it can be for women to discuss their weight and to admit they are out of shape and overweight.  the first step for me was to actually admit this to myself before i could do anything about it.  now the second step for me is to share my story with my friends and family and maybe even complete strangers - because as human beings, we all have struggles and knowing we're not alone is often incredibly comforting.  that said, here's my story on being fat:

the moment I realized my weight was out of control was quite depressing...  i was trying to try on bridesmaid dress for my best friend's wedding, and the store we were at didn't carry anything smaller than a size 12.  ugh.  here she stood, a svelt 5'10" trying on size 4 wedding gowns; and there i stood a stocky 5'4" holding up dresses.  it was a wake up call for me that it was high time to do something. anything. i could no longer look in the mirror and keep convincing myself a little (ok... alotta) junk in the trunk is acceptable.

what's a girl to do when she wants to lose weight and keep it off?  the options are endless - some include pills and powders which was not something i was interested in, although one cannot argue the results are quite obvious and fast.  i wanted to lose the weight healthfully and by making lifestyle changes, even if that meant over a longer period of time.

i have loathed exercising for as long as i can remember and rabbit food isn't exactly my idea of a delicious meal. i worked out through high school due knee injuries and my deep love for track but never liked it.  i ate a pretty healthy diet until college.  umm... think cafeteria buffets, turning 21, and the bar food that accompanies those nights out...  enough said.  i managed to lose a few pounds before my wedding but it came right back.  while pregnant with minihe i had a medical condition (hyperemesis gravidarum) where i literally threw up day in and day out for months.  i lost a significant amount of weight, but even with breastfeeding for a year, was unable to keep it off.  second pregnancy and second year of breastfeeding yielded the same result.  i blamed my babies for losing my body - which i might mention was pretty stellar 10 years ago.

no more excuses.  and thus enters counting calories and exercise into my daily regime.  no more thinking that just because what i'm cooking is healthy i can eat as much as i want.  no more sugary treats.  no more pop. no more....  i joined a gym and work out 5-6 days a week, i revamped my own menu and snack on vegetables, fruits, and nuts, i drink 8-16 cups of water a day, i stand up straighter, and the results are slow but sure.  after countless hours of cardio and strength training in the last three weeks, i've dropped 10 pounds and 1 pants size and i don't know how many inches.  i lost 4-5 pounds right away but have really had to work for these last 4-5.  i leave my workout feeling invigorated.  i challenge myself to go another half a mile, or burn another 50 calories, or do another set.  my skin is healthier, my mood is dramatically improved, and my self-image is in the process of healing.

but i am not done.  i want to lose another 30 pounds and another 3-4 dress/pants sizes.  wait for the time frame.....................  BY JULY 4.  that's 20 weeks which means slightly over a pound a week.  i think i can do it.  I KNOW I CAN DO IT!!!  (but any positive thoughts you want to send my way won't hurt!)

if you are in a similar situation and want to lose weight or wish you had the willpower to make a change, no matter how small, i also want to challenge you to join with me in revolutionizing the way you approach fitness and your eating habits.  if you're not ready to make the drastic changes i made basically overnight, i challenge you to make one small change week by week.  eliminate pop.  drink more water.  trade pasta for a salad.  eat breakfast.  change to whole wheat bread.  these small changes will add up over time and in the end, can have an immense impact on your overall well-being.  i have come to the conclusion the reason my changes never stuck before is because i never did it for "me."  this time around is different.  i'm exercising for me.  i'm eating right for me.  and because i'm focused on making me a better person, i only have myself to praise (or blame) with the results i experience.  and in the end, i will continue to make these lifestyle changes permanent because i did it for the right reasons to begin with.  

what will you do?

if you have a weight-loss success story, be sure to share in the comment section below!  often what really works for someone can be adopted or adapted by others.